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Check out the new articles about family and health in Family First and Staying Young. If you enjoy great art take a look at ScripShot a photographic perspective of the world we live in with a Biblical reference.
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Upcoming Events
Bike for Life - Asheville - Jul 31, Thu - Come and join us for the Bike for Life from Ashville NC to...
Carolina Teacher's Convention - Aug 1, Fri
Bike for Life - Asheville - Aug 1, Fri - Bike for Life ride from Asheville, NC to Oshkosh, WI.
School Registration - Aug 3, Sun 1:00 PM - Charleston SDA School registration.
School Work Bee - Aug 3, Sun 1:00 PM - Charleston SDA School Work Bee.
Prayer Meeting - Aug 6, Wed 7:00 PM - Prayer Meeting each Wednesday Night - currently studying the...

Family First

What About Purity?
Purity. That word again. But what is it really all about? Why...
Shoulder to Shoulder
I looked at the faces of the couple pictured in the news...
Life is About Moments
Browsing through a magazine recently I turned the page and my...

Staying Young

Neighborhood Walk
Many feel we have lost our sense of community today. Too many...
Honestly, I’m Not Okay
“How are you doing?” It’s the standard, universal...
Treasures or Things?
Like a moth drawn to the light. I‘m wooed to beautiful, old...

The Bible Says

Liabilities of Being Privileged
It came at a pivotal time, just when the disciples realized...
Escape to Freedom
I recently watched a documentary on the Colditz Cock. It told...
Joy in Jail!
I find it interesting that most people in developed countries...